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Varicose veins are a common problem that can be caused by pregnancy, obesity, and genetics. These varicose veins create the appearance of spider webs or tree branches on your legs. With Varithena treatment, you can finally get rid of these unsightly veins without invasive surgery. At Commonwealth Vein Center in Colonial Heights, VA, we offer this treatment to improve leg comfort and quality of life for patients with varicose veins.

What Results Can you Expect From Varithena?

What Is Varithena

Varithena is an FDA-approved treatment for varicose veins. It’s a non-surgical, in-office treatment that is done on an outpatient basis. Many patients find the treatment to be comfortable and say it causes little or no pain. It helps improve leg symptoms such as aching, swelling, and burning by offering effective relief of painful varicose veins and improved the appearance of unsightly bulging veins. The treatment also reduces the recurrence of varicose veins.

When you come to us, our physician will select which vein(s) they would like to treat based on where you are experiencing discomfort or other leg issues. The goal for treating these specific areas is to relieve your symptoms and get you back on the road to feeling like yourself again.

What to Expect

After having this treatment, the first thing you can expect is to notice an immediate improvement in your condition. The pain will dissipate, and that heavy feeling of tiredness associated with varicose veins may become a distant memory. You might also be surprised by how quickly this treatment works. Some people notice results within 24 hours, while others see changes within just a few hours.

Whichever path your recovery takes, it’s likely to be much faster than what you would experience if you tried traditional treatments like rubber band ligation. Such treatments usually would take several days or even weeks before showing positive effects for patients suffering from venous insufficiency.

What Treatment Is Like

The way this treatment works is actually quite interesting. Varicose veins only appear in areas where blood flow slows down or stops completely (like inside varicosities). If you could increase the speed of blood flowing through your body, then you would also reduce the amount of pressure within those veins.

This is exactly what happens when physicians inject microfoams into the affected veins. The injection results in the generation of millions of tiny air bubbles, which help to increase blood flow within those veins, leading them to collapse under their own weight.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The treatment is relatively quick, taking just about 30 to 60 minutes to complete. This is a minimally invasive treatment that can be carried out on an outpatient basis. Patients who had it done typically return home directly after treatment without needing a catheter inserted or any other medical devices.

Is It Painful?

This should be one of the rare occasions where you do not feel any pain during treatment. The doctor will inject a numbing agent into the vein in order to ensure that you have no discomfort, a welcome relief for most patients dealing with this particular condition.

Preparation for Treatment

Varicose veins are diseased, enlarged, and often painful to the touch. Varithena injection allows doctors to treat varicose veins with great success in most patients. If you’re considering this treatment for your legs or any part of the body where there may be problem veins, it can help to know what happens before, during, and after each session.

First, our vein specialist will review your medical history at your first visit and also discuss which parts of your leg(s) need treatment. Venography (vein x-rays) helps determine if these veins can be safely injected. During treatment, you will lie on your stomach or side while the doctor injects the diseased veins using very fine needles in several different locations around each vein.

Before Treatment

Before receiving an injection, we recommend that you stop taking vitamin E supplements at least one week before treatment. This is because vitamin E can affect the action of Varithena, forcing the doctor to adjust the dosage.

You should also avoid alcohol consumption the night before and the day of your procedure. These substances can increase the risk of a reaction, so it’s important to stay well hydrated and sober before treatment.

After Treatment

As with any medical treatment, there are certain aftercare requirements that you must follow in order to get optimal results from your treatment. Our physician will instruct you on how long this process takes and what activities or treatments should be avoided during this period. You cannot drive yourself home immediately following treatment, so a friend or family member needs to pick you up afterward.

In addition, you should avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for at least seven days after treatment as these activities can cause blood clots that may result in distal migration of Varithena. This occurs when varicose veins move from their original location into adjacent tissue.

Why are Compression Stockings Needed?

Varicose veins are often tender so compression stockings can help make you more comfortable after injection. It is essential to wear the compression stockings for up to two weeks after treatment. This will help your varicose veins heal faster and prevent new ones from forming.

Can I Shower After Treatment?

Yes, you can shower after the treatment. It is important to pat your legs dry and not rub them, which may irritate the skin. After showering, we recommend that you put on compression stockings before getting dressed to prevent blood from pooling in your legs while sitting or standing for long periods.

How Can I Prevent Blood Clots?

After varicose vein treatment, it is important to take care of yourself and avoid any activities that could cause you to become immobile for long periods. It’s also crucial not to smoke after your procedure as smoking can lead to blood clots, which are dangerous in the legs because they can travel through veins causing severe damage.

How Can I Keep Varicose Veins From Coming Back?

It’s essential to take care of yourself. Not smoking is one step you can take, but it is also imperative that your diet consists of lots of vegetables and fruits, which help keep veins healthy. Lots of vitamin C will also be beneficial for keeping varicose vein treatments working correctly. Also, remember to exercise regularly and wear elastic support stockings to keep your legs healthy and strong.

Benefits of This Treatment

This treatment works by increasing blood flow and allowing your body to absorb extra fluid that can cause swelling, pain, and skin changes associated with venous disease. The most known benefits include:

1) Decreased Pain

This treatment can relieve pain, burning, or heavy sensation in your legs. This is especially true if you suffer from superficial thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the vein walls).

2) Minimally Invasive

There is no sewing or cutting involved. As a result, this treatment greatly reduces the risk of complications that are associated with surgery.

3) No General Anesthesia Required

The procedure is done using local anesthesia, so you stay awake. For varicose vein patients who are not eligible for surgery or do not want to take the time away from work to recover, this treatment can provide relief and comfort without causing significant discomfort during and after the injection.

4) No Risk of Nerve Damage

This treatment uses a pinpoint injection, so there is no risk of nerve damage. Some other varicose vein treatments use laser ablation to close off the targeted veins. These lasers cause collateral tissue damage and can result in complications such as skin burns or numbness, which may require additional treatment.

5) No Downtime Required

This is an outpatient treatment that takes about one hour to complete. No downtime is required after treatment so you can return to your normal activities the same day following the injection.

6) Performed In-Office

Treatments are conducted quickly and easily right in our doctor’s office without any need for surgery or hospitalization.

Schedule a Consultation

Varithena treatment is an excellent option for patients experiencing varicose veins and want a minimally invasive, safe alternative to surgery. It is FDA approved, and the results can be seen within one treatment. Come visit us at Commonwealth Vein Center in Richmond, VA, if you are interested in how this treatment can help improve your quality of life.

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