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Deep Vein Stenting


Deep Vein Stenting

After deep vein thrombosis, it is possible for the veins to become blocked and this sometimes leads to unwelcome symptoms. There is research being done currently to try and prevent these veins from becoming blocked in the first place, but that can be difficult to accomplish. Until doctors have found a way to keep veins from getting blocked, deep vein stenting is one of the best options to consider.

To get a better understanding of deep vein stenting, we encourage you to visit us at Commonwealth Vein Center. We may use deep vein intravascular ultrasound to diagnose any possible deep vein disease. Our professionals in Colonial Heights would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Deep vein thrombosis, also known as DVT, is a condition that causes a blood clot to form in a deep vein. There are a few different factors that can contribute to DVT, including obesity, pregnancy, and some medications. If left untreated, blood clots can cause serious health issues if the clot breaks off from the vein and travels throughout the body.

The early symptoms of DVT may include pain and swelling, and it can also be accompanied by warmth and redness in the affected area. Where the blood clot appears in the body is a main factor when determining the best treatment. Deep vein stenting is one treatment option to consider.

What to Expect from Deep Vein Stenting

Stents are basically a mesh material that forces the vein to remain open. Venous stents are specially designed to be able to flex and bend without kinking, which means you can enjoy a full range of motion without worrying about your veins closing. The goal of venous stents it to improve blood flow in areas like the legs, chest, and abdomen.

New advances in technology have made deep vein stenting safer and more efficient overall. The stents can now be deployed and positioned more accurately, which makes the treatment itself more effective.

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If deep vein stenting sounds like the right procedure for you, feel free to get in touch with our staff at Commonwealth Vein Center if you would like to learn more. We are vein specialists, and we can answer your questions and provide you with more personalized information. If we determine that deep vein stenting is right for your needs, we can discuss the next steps with you. Visit our practice in Colonial Heights or contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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