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Diabetic Foot Care

Commonwealth Vein Center

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Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects circulation, especially in the tiny blood vessels in the feet. Diabetic foot care with the vascular, vein, and wound specialists at Commonwealth Vein Center can help you take care of your feet and prevent complications. To schedule a diabetic foot care appointment, call the office in Colonial Heights, Richmond, or McLean, Virginia, or book one online today.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

What is diabetic foot care?

Diabetic foot care is one of the essential health care services people with diabetes need. 

Diabetes is a chronic health condition characterized by higher than normal blood glucose (sugar) levels. Over time, the excess glucose in the blood damages the blood vessels, nerve endings, and other organs.

The tiny blood vessels and nerve endings in your feet are especially vulnerable to damage. If you have diabetes and develop a cut on your foot, you may not feel any pain because of the nerve damage. 

Further, the poor circulation you experience may affect the healing of your cut, placing you at risk of an infection.

Commonwealth Vein Center specializes in diabetic foot care, including wound treatments, to prevent serious complications. 

Who needs diabetic foot care?

Everyone with diabetes needs diabetic foot care. Whether you have foot wounds or not, you need to see a specialist to inspect and care for your feet if you have diabetes.

When you have a cut or injury to your foot, you need diabetic foot care from the experts at Commonwealth Vein Center right away. Getting early treatment for any foot wound, even a minor blister, may prevent problems.

Commonwealth Vein Center collaborates with your primary care provider to ensure you get the diabetic foot care you need.

What happens during diabetic foot care?

The specifics of your diabetic foot care at Commonwealth Vein Center depend on your needs. The team takes an individualized approach to care and first talks to you about your symptoms and concerns. They also review your medical history and run lab work to assess your blood sugar control.

The team evaluates your feet and may perform vascular ultrasound testing to assess circulation in your feet and legs. They also talk to you about taking care of your feet at home to prevent injuries. 

If you have a foot wound, the team provides comprehensive wound care to heal the injury. 

How often do I need diabetic foot care?

The frequency of your diabetic foot care visits at Commonwealth Vein Center depends on your needs.

If you don’t have any foot problems but have circulation problems in your feet or legs, the team may have you come in periodically so they can examine your feet and reassess circulation.

For diabetic foot wound care, the team may have you come in frequently to provide care to support the healing process.

For expert diabetic foot care, call Commonwealth Vein Center or schedule an appointment online today.