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Venous Disease


Venous Disease

Did you know that nearly half of the adult population suffers from vein disease?

While many patients consider varicose and spider veins to be an unsightly cosmetic issue, if left untreated varicose veins can worsen and eventually cause pain, swelling, and aching in the legs as well as skin changes such as rashes, redness, and sores. At Commonwealth Vein Clinic, a full spectrum of venous disease procedures is performed onsite.

Venous Disease Conditions:
Varicose Veins: Varicose veins are simply swollen veins that you can see through your skin. Left untreated, the varicose vein may worsen over time. As many as 40 million Americans, most of them women, have varicose veins.

Venous Insufficiency: This is a very common condition resulting from decreased blood flow from the leg veins up to the heart, known as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Veins that have lost their valve effectiveness become elongated, rope-like, bulged, and thickened. You may also experience swollen ankles, tight calves, and heavy, tired, restless, or achy legs.

Lower Extremity Wound/Ulcers: Poor circulation can lead to painful ulcers on the legs and feet. Venous ulcers are usually treated with compression of the leg to minimize swelling. Arterial ulcer treatment can vary depending on the severity of the case but may involve endovascular therapy or bypass surgery to restore circulation to the affected leg. Dr. Samee is one of the few Diplomats of the American Board of Vein and Lymphatic Disease (ABVLM) in the Richmond, VA area – Registered Physical Vascular Interpretation Certification (RPVI). He also specializes in all areas of peripheral arterial disease and peripheral interventions using cutting edge technology.

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